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Frequency Transducers

Carelay frequency transducer is designed for wide voltage range. The voltage of measured frequency can vary from 30 mVAC to 690 VAC. Carelay RF400 is an robust and smart replacement for inductive sensor of rotational speed measurement of asynchronous generator or motor not connected to grid. When connected to mains the output of transducer gives pulses at mains frequency. RF400 can be used anywhere where frequency of the voltage has to be measured. It has wide bandwith. RF400 can easily measure frequencies from 0.1Hz to 1kHz.

  • RPM measurement of asynchronous generators
  • Rotation detection of asynchronous motor not connected to grid
  • Zero crossing detection of arbitrary signal

  • Large input voltage range: 30mV...690VAC
  • Galvanic isolation of measurement signal
  • Input signal frequency range: 0.1Hz...1kHz

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